Gain Theory

Role: UX UI

Agency: Embrace

Redesigning a new experience

Part of WPP, Gain Theory is a marketing foresight consultancy. The company was formed to help marketers understand the optimised marketing mix: how the audience interacts with the brand via web, mobile, outdoor, ATL and instore and how to make sense of the big data.

Their previous website was not mobile friendly and not in tune with the services they offered. At Embrace, I was the sole designer tasked with creating and a new contemporary web experience that would be better suited to the dynamic company that they are.

Building a flexible design system

With an ever changing array of services, it was essential to create a consistent user experience that could be adapted within the CMS. I designed a flexible style-guide and design system that can be applied across their services quickly and consistently.

Bringing the brand to life

I took charge of bringing more of Gain Theory’s exciting brand into the digital space by incorporating design elements from motion graphics used by the company and including them as animated svg’s within the site. Using this and their vibrant colours as a colour coding tool created a more pleasant and easier experience for the user.