Role: UX UI

Agency: Embrace

A usable public service website

With over 50,000 visits a day, and dealing with some of the most serious issues affecting the users, the website for Sussex Police needed to put the experience of the user first and make it as easy as possible for users to find what they need quickly.

To do this we followed the design principles spearheaded by the UK Government Digital Services to create a new website that not only met, but exceed expectations and government policy guidelines on usability.

Mobile first

Analytics confirmed that mobile devices were by far the most popular method of viewing the website. A mobile first approach was the sensible method to creating an efficient design for the users to create a website that was fully responsive for all devices.

Function over aesthetics

The new website needed to have clarity for all users. Design layouts all followed a system that was easy to understand. A clear hierarchy for typography was used so users could scan long pieces of copy more quickly. And related resources, links and downloads were clearly labelled to help the users needs and expectations.